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Dust Control, is the cornerstone program for our company, Terra Pave International. Terra Pave International (TPI) is dedicated to the goal of developing and providing a quality product and excellent service while helping our customers around the world. TPI excels in the area of dust abatement proving time after time that the TPI dust control products are far superior to other products on the market.

Often times TPI is called into situations where less qualified products have originally been selected only to find that TPI's dust abatement products work better and many times for much less. One thing you will find with TPI is our product works and it only has one name, Top-Seal. So if your looking for a long list of fancy named products your out of luck. Our dust control product is often imitated but NEVER duplicated.  Top-Seal is the best in the industry and it only starts with controlling dust.  SCI Fugitive Dust Products

Haul Road Dust Control | Dirt Road Dust Control

TPI has the product and the knowledge to complete your project on time and within budget. Customers using TPI dust suppression products for the first time are trained and accompanied at the project site by certified TPI dust control consultants who will ensure that all procedures are properly understood and carried out by supervisors and their crews. Soil Stabilization for paved roads or dust control on unpaved roads, Terra Pave International has the program just for you. With over 16 years experience of proven dust control in more than 30 countries, TPI is well established as a leader in soil improvement technologies.

The following simple video will give you an idea as to how well our dust control product works.


Our motto is Controlling the Soils of the World our guarantee is Customer Satisfaction. Contact TPI for your Dust Abatement , Soil Stabilization and Erosion Control needs. Please take the time to browse our site and see where our dust control solution will enhance or complete your project. Fugitive Dust  is only one area that TPI has a proven track record in. Be sure to look at our erosion control, soil stabilization and other applications as well as our dust abatement products.Control Programs for Roads and LotsWhen it comes time to develop a solution to control your dust, Soil Stabilization or Erosion challenge. TPI will give you as much assistance as you require. Be it around the corner or around the world TPI will tackle any Dust Control, Soil Stabilization or Erosion Control Problems regardless of location.

Dust Control products Performance Guarantee

Each of our dust control programs has a custom performance guarantee, be it Haul Road Dust control, Dirt Road Dust Control or any other form of Fugitive Dust Management , we guarantee the performance of our product and the results for as long as we are involved with your project. You will not find a better program in the Dust Control, soil stabilization, erosion control industry, Guaranteed.


Call Today 1-888-737-1127


Call Today 1-888-737-1127

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