Water Truck Spray Bar Conversion Kit

The DCI Water Truck spray bar conversion kit consists of a spray bar, mounting brackets, and a transfer pump. The entire spray bar conversion kit can be mounted on almost any type of gravity fed water truck in a period of approximately 45 minutes. The conversion to a fully pressurized system will offer a much more efficient means of delivery for Terra Seal Xtream (TSX)
, or any other liquid, including water. The spray bar conversion kit will ultimately pay for itself through savings as a result of more efficient distribution of Terra Seal Xtream (TSX)
and conservation of precious water resources. More importantly, many thousands of dollars can be saved by purchasing DCI's spray bar conversion kit as opposed to paying for entirely new water truck. spray bar conversion kits can be ordered directly from DCI.

We custom design and fabricate spray bars and spray bar conversion kits to our customers needs and requirements. The following images can be clicked on and you can see the details of some of our spray bar conversion kits and specialty application bars.

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 Spray Bar Conversion Kit Spray Bar Conversion Kit

The spray bar and mounting brackets are shown below. The bar consists of evenly spaced, high-quality nozzles that can be individually adjusted for more precise distribution. Each end of the bar can be raised for more maneuverability. The bar is connected to the transfer pump (shown below) for rapid suction from the tank of a water truck.

Spray Bar Conversion Kit

The transfer pump is driven by a powerful 5.5Hp motor that can rapidly transfer Terra Seal Xtream (TSX)
or other liquids directly from a tank through the spray bar. It is also very conveniently used to transfer Terra Seal Xtream (TSX)
directly from 55 gallon drums into a water truck, or from 330 gallon totest.

The DCI Spray Bar conversion Kit is shown in action. The transfer pump is conveniently mounted just above the bar. A hose (included with the kit) is extended from the tank of the water truck to the transfer pump, and a discharge hose is connected between the pump and the spray bar. The spray pattern shows a smooth, even flow of product directly into the soil.

When ordering the spray bar conversion kit or a specialty bar, simply give us your delivery rate requirements and we will handle the rest. 

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