Soil stabilization

Soil stabilization is a term that encompasses many areas of concern with regards to base failure, dust control, soil erosion and soil permeability.

Our product Maxx-Seal sits on the leading edge of technology for products specifically designed with dust control, fugitive dust, road dust control, soil stabilization, erosion control and soil permeability enhancement as the end objective.  For more information regarding Maxx-Seal please visit our main product page.

Soil Stabilization Testing using the Marshall Test

Soil Stabilization Testing

Posted by Dust Control and Soil Stabilization DCI on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Soil Stabilization testSoil stabilization testsoil stabilization


Soil stabilization with regards to paved road base failure is necessary for not only the longevity of the road life expectancy but also for the conservation of resources required to do the work in the first place. Once the road has failed we are again reallocating resources, that could be used for expansion, in order to repair what should have never failed in the first place. Maxx-Seal addresses this soil stabilization issue within the section entitled Road Base Stabilization. For more information please visit our page dedicated to Road base Stabilization.

Soil stabilization for the purpose of Dust Control, is another area which has come to the forefront of environmental issues of the day. As populations become more concerned about the air quality, municipalities are becoming more stringent on the producers of air born pollutants. Dust Control has had the light of the EPA shinning upon it for some time now, yet only recently have the fines started to become a heavy burden for those that produce the dust. Our product, Maxx-Seal has saved many, companies millions of dollars, not only in the cost of maintaining their dust emissions, but also the cost of failing to do so. Soil stabilization and dust control go hand-in-hand and for that reason we are one of, if the very best at controlling dust emission utilizing our soil stabilization product Maxx-Seal. For more information on dust control via soil stabilization please visit our Dust Control page and see how we can help you control your dust.

Soil Stabilization is most important when trying to control soil erosion. Soil erosion contributes to unpaved road failure, water barrier failure, dike failure, pond failure, loss of top soils and many other problems. When using our product Maxx-Seal, for soil erosion control you can rest assured that your soil will stay in place. Maxx-Seal is not just a temporary fix for erosion problems, it is a long time solution to a life long problem. By molecularly bonding the soil in the problem area you are able to create a barrier that will stop erosion in its tracks. For more information on controlling soil erosion with soil stabilization, and keeping your dirt where you want it please visit our page on erosion control.

Soil Stabilization doesn't stop at the surface of the soil but works from within as well. Our product Maxx-Seal has been tested for its ability to stop permeability of soils in situations where more extreme and more expensive measure are the norm. Maxx-Seal has been widely tested water containment, gas containment (methane), and other situations where the desire is to make the available soil less permeable. These case studies are discussed in other sections of our site entitled land fill liners, Pond Liners, and reservoirs.


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