Landfill Odor Control

Landfill odor control made simple.  Problems with landfill odor and foul smelling compounds are typically more significant only near the landfill. Important landfill odor compounds are H2S and organic sulfur compounds mercaptans. Landfill Odor problems are most significant during deposition of the wastes at the landfill. Landfill odor can be a significant nuisance in areas near a landfill. Landfill odor problems can be reduced by minimizing the amount of easily degradable material in the landfill, by keeping a small open waste front at the landfill, by operating as far away from inhabited areas during the summer as possible and by placing landfills under consideration of prevailing wind directions.

landfill odor control

Landfill odor my also occur when the cap of the landfill is inadequate or has lost its ability to keep landfill gas within the cap system. DCI has been able to aid in situations where the method selected to maintain landfill odor and landfill gas has failed. When the landfill odor starts to leach through the cap of the landfill the results can be devastating. DCI is able to resolve the problem by rebuilding the cap so that the soil is less permeable this is accomplished at a very reasonable cost and in a very short amount of time.

The DCI landfill odor control system is simple. The problem area is located, scarified, sprayed with Terra Seal Xtream (TSX)
and compacted. This will turn the soil into a fresh impermeable cap which will hold the landfill odor inside the dome where it belongs. It is that simple and that fast.   

 For more information on our programs please download the following document regarding our landfill products and refer also to our section on permeability reduction.

DCI Landfill odor control information PDF


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