Landfill Methane

A Landfill methane is produced by wet organic waste decomposing under anaerobic conditions in a landfill. The waste is covered and mechanically compressed by the weight of the material that is deposited from above. This material prevents oxygen exposure thus allowing anaerobic microbes thrive thus producing landfill methane gas. One problem arises when the level of oxygen within the system is to high. This higher level of oxygen reduces the amount of landfill methane that can be produced.

landfill methane 

Landfill Methane builds up and is slowly released into the atmosphere if the landfill site has not been engineered to capture the gas. Landfill methane becomes explosive when it escapes from the landfill and mixes with oxygen. The lower explosive limit is 5 percent landfill methane and the upper explosive limit is 15 percent landfill methane.

When our customers require the most of their landfill methane gas production facility they rely on the technology provided by our Terra Seal Xtream (TSX)
line of products. By utilizing Terra Seal Xtream (TSX)
in the closure and gas containment process of a landfill methane capture project, our customers are able to produce more landfill methane, and capture more landfill methane with less infrastructure cost.

landfill methane extraction

We are also proud of the fact that even years after a landfill closure we are able to provide a very economical and exceptionally efficient method by which a company can re-seal their landfill or improve their landfill cap,  thus improving the amount of landfill methane being captured and lowering the amount of gas escaping into the atmosphere. For more information on our programs please download the following document regarding our landfill products and refer also to our section on permeability reduction.

DCI Landfill Methane and Products information PDF

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