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Landfill gas is becoming more significant and efforts that have been made by municipalities in cooperation with the private sector for the development of appropriate Municipal Solid Wastes management systems. The main objectives are to overcome lack of organization in the fields of waste collection and disposal, to maximize material and human resources utilization, and to establish rational energy utilization. Moreover, promotion of cogeneration utilizing landfill gas is among the main targets for improving energy efficiency.

landfill gas extraction

Landfill gas is created in the following manor. Produced wastes are disposed into landfills where organic matter is decomposed by anaerobic microorganisms producing landfill gas. When released into the atmosphere, landfill gas can be identified by its bad odor, since it contains hydrogen sulfide and other odor causing molecules, while it contributes to local smog and is an explosive hazard. Moreover, landfill gas is rich in carbon dioxide and methane. Produced methane can be utilized in energy production, constituting landfill gas a renewable energy source, that otherwise is wasted. The objective of landfill gas -to-electricity projects is to exploit produced landfill gas in heat and power production. The capturing of landfill gas is made simple with the advent of Terra Seal Xtream (TSX)
for landfills. By utilizing Terra Seal Xtream (TSX)
to aid in the improvement of Seal ing the landfill, the landfill gas is captured more efficiently and less landfill gas is able to escape into the atmosphere.

The procedure for Seal ing a landfill is rather simple. The soil is scarified and made ready to absorb the Terra Seal Xtream (TSX)
which is simply sprayed onto the surface.  Often times there will be no need for the scarification of the soil since it is most likely freshly placed. This is the first step in capturing more landfill gas.  After the Terra Seal Xtream (TSX)
has been applied to the surface and allowed to soak in for a few hours, the soils is ready for rolling. This is the final step in capturing more landfill gas. This final step will decrease the permeability of the soil by several factors, causing the soil to hold back the landfill gas so that it may be efficiently extracted and contained for further processing.

 For more information on our programs please download the following document regarding our landfill products and refer also to our section on permeability reduction.

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