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landfill soil can either help or hurt a project. It all depends on the permeability of that soil, that is until now. Controlling landfill soil conditions can be a very daunting and expensive task.  Meeting landfill soil permeability requirements for covers and caps while adhering to very strict environmental laws are only a part of the many challenges facing modern day landfill operators.  When these problems are combined with a constant ever-present blanket of dust pollution, the overall responsibilities of managing a landfill can become seemingly overwhelming.Landfill SoilDust Control Inc, Inc. (DCI) is in the business of eliminating the difficulties associated with managing the condition of the landfill soil.  DCI methods are cost effective, environmentally safe, and they can dramatically improve the overall efficiency of landfill operations.  With 15 years of experience and with some of the most advanced technology available on today�s market, DCI not only solves the landfill soil problems for meeting permeability requirements and eliminating dust pollution, but it�s products, services and methods are proven to pay for themselves many times over.
landfill soil after Maxx-Seal
For more information on our programs please download the following document regarding our landfill products and refer also to our section on permeability reduction.

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