Landfill Closure

A Landfill closure consists of several steps that can require large sums of time and money. Our objective at Dust Control Inc is to assist our customers in bringing down the cost of a landfill closure by offering proven alternatives that utilize modern day technology.

Within these pages you will see how DCI is able to help landfill operators control cost while surpassing the requirements set forth for the environment. Our solution is not only cost effective in the original application but has also been found to reduce long-term expenditures as well. .Some of the areas we will cover in the landfill closure cost savings program include but are not limited to the following.

Landfill Liner Landfill Methane Landfill Gas
Landfill Cap Landfill Leachate Landfill Soil
Landfill Odor control Landfill Covers Landfill Capping

The objective here will be to bring to light the options associated with each of the previously mentioned areas of a landfill closure program. We pride ourselves in the ability to help our customers cut cost and reduce time required for each operation. We will compare each operation of the landfill closure program and show how Dust Control Inc will save you valuable time and money.

A landfill's design should limit water from entering the site to reduce leachate generation. Developing a strong stable cover is an important control technique that limits the amount of water leaching into the landfill. Regulations somewhat dictate the type of final cover. In the past a landfill closure was limited to utilizing two standard practices. covers were limited to either an initial two-foot layer of relatively impermeable soil followed by topsoil, or a geomembrane with topsoil. This is where Dust Control Inc steps in with a more cost effective alternative to the antiquated past practices. The end goal to lower the permeability of the soil used to cap the landfill during the landfill closure. Dust Control Inc is able to do this at a much lower cost.

Many landfills have gas recovery systems, which generate income from electricity sales. These sales can help to offset cost of a landfill closure, but the revenue will decline as less gas is emitted over time. We will show you how DCI can help you to capture more gas and increase returns versus older methods of Seal ing the cap.

Regardless of the project with respect to a landfill closure, DCI will bring you in under budget and on time and usually with the resources and soil that you have available on site already.


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