Gravel Road Dust Control

Gravel Road Dust Control is a common problem in today's environment where expansion into rural areas have left many people wanting for better conditions. In many situations communities are able to come together to devise a program to help maintain their gravel roads. Utilizing our Gravel Road Dust Control Program allows communities to accomplish their goals at the same time keep an eye on their budget.

Our product Terra Seal Xtream (TSX) sits on the leading edge of technology for products specifically designed with dust control, road dust control, soil stabilization, erosion control and soil permeability enhancement as the end objective.  For more information regarding Terra Seal Xtream (TSX) please visit our main product page.

With our gravel road dust control program your community will be able to stabilize their roads to the point where grading will become a practice of the past. We always tell our customers that they better like the shape of their road before they apply our dust control products on their gravel road, because it will be like that for a long time.

Our Gravel road dust control products are not just for controlling dust. It will stabilize the road as well as stop runoff and erosion. The basic procedure for this program is as follows.
  1. You will first want to grade and shape your gravel road so that it is exactly the way you want it to stay.

Dust Control Grading

  1. You will need to bring in fill material wherever you see that it is too rocky.
  2. If it is already shaped you will need to scarify your road so that our gravel road dust control products will be able to penetrate.
  3. After you have shaped your gravel road it will be time to make the first application of Terra Seal Xtream (TSX)

gravel Road Dust Control First Application

  1. The first application of our gravel road dust control products will be diluted such that you will have ample penetration into the soil.
  2. After that application, the material will be given some time to allow for penetration (30 min - 1 hour)
  3. Compaction will press the material into the soil even further at the same time solidifying the matrix of Terra Seal Xtream (TSX) and soil into a smooth surface.

Dust Control products Compaction

  1. After the first application has had some time to cure, a second application can be placed at a much higher dilution rate.  This application will allow our gravel road dust control products to sink in even further and thus tighten the soil matrix even more.
  2. The final application, which is even further diluted, will finish the process of stabilizing and  converting the road to a dust free rock solid gravel road.

Dust Control Final Application

The process for a gravel road dust control program is very simple and is much more cost effective then continuous maintenance. Once a year, or when ever necessary,  you will simply do a quick re-application of a small amount of Terra Seal Xtream (TSX) to further bind any loose soil that might have been tracked onto you road. This maintenance application, if carried out correctly, will allow your road to last for years without rebuilding.

Dust Control ready to go
When you need a gravel road dust control program we hope that you consider DCI and Terra Seal Xtream (TSX) as your first and last choice. We guarantee our results and our products to do exactly as we have stated or better. 

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