Geo-environmental Solutions Needed in Solving Containment Problems  by William Hauselberg


Any new construction or retrofitting of an existing structure comes with a number of environmental and civil engineering problems. These problems are made more difficult when there are environmental containment issues involved. Special care must be made to contain contaminated groundwater and leachate to prevent contamination of clean water sources.

Contaminated groundwater is a serious public safety issue and all attempts must be made to minimize the impact of any leachate that might find its way into the groundwater. When dealing with contaminated ground water or landfill leachate containment issues, it is best to hire a company that specializes in geo-environmental solutions to prevent and correct contamination problems.

These companies are equipped to handle any number of containment problems, and they have the experience to know what will work best in any situation. They will have ideas and resources at their disposal that will allow them to respond quickly and correctly to employ effective methods for landfill leachate containment and prevention of contaminated groundwater. They can evaluate your specific situation and make recommendations as to what would be the best course of action.

A number of methods can be used to contain contaminated groundwater and leachate. Groundwater barriers such as slurry cut-off walls, grouted barriers, In Situ Soil Mixing, biopolymer drains and permeable reactive barriers are among the options that might be available. It is important to institute the proper containment solution for your unique situation because clean water laws are strict and contamination ground water is a serious offense. Litigation, fines and criminal charges can result in inadequate or poorly constructed containment barriers so it is best if you hire a reputable company from the outset.

If you are having leachate or contaminated groundwater containment issues, you should contact a geo-solutions company to evaluate your situation. If you are about to begin a construction project and you need a safe way to contain contaminated groundwater, you should consult a geo-environmental company prior to breaking ground to prevent costly delays and corrective measures should a problem be found after construction has begun. A good geo-solutions company should be able to provide a practical and cost-effective assessment of the actual construction costs and evaluate any environmental risks, as well as providing litigation support and dispute resolution services should a problem arise.

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